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Attention Banner Club Members: The banner club was RESET October 14, 2001. All members who were added before this date should resend their information.

Attention Banner Club Members: I used to check banners myself and make sure everything was working on every page. Now with over 40 pages (which is great because it means all members get more exposure!), I can't check to make sure everything's okay with every page. I'm asking that members alert me if you see a banner with a broken image or if you click through a banner and that page has no banner on it. Thank You!

Due to problems with the form setup I now have updated it.

Join the Banner Club in Two Steps

Step 1: Add the Code

Add this html code on your page. This page should be the page where you want us to link from your banner. Note that you should insert your keenspace id name into the code where specified to prevent your ad from appearing on your site.

Your keenspace id is the front part of your URL (ie or your domain if applicable. Note that I pick this by seeing your url as you put it in the form. If you want me to use something else for your id, please use the comments box in the mail form.

It should look like this:

Note: If you don't have Java script enabled you'll see nothing.

Or you can use one of these versions (You can change the link backgraphics however you choose! If you make a good one, please submit it.)...

Step 2: Mail Form

Fill out the following form to mail me your necessary information.
Should you ever need to change your information, use this form.

Your Site's Name (You must be a member of Keenspace.):

Your e-mail address:

Your Site's URL address (Your banner must be placed somewhere on this page):

Your banner's URL (Banners must be 468x60 pixels in size):

Second banner URL (Leave blank if you only have one banner):

Additional comments:

Questions? Trouble with form? E-mail me.

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